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First Presbyterian Church
900 N Key Blvd
Midwest City, OK 73110
Phone: (405) 732-7627 Fax: (405) 737-0487
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Sunday 10:55am
Sunday School 9:30am

Please join us each Sunday for Worship Service. We have a nursery staffed with dedicated people who will love your children.

There is plenty of parking in both the north and east lots.
We currently observe Holy Communion on the first Sunday of the even months.

Office hours:
8am to 4:30pm Monday thru Thursday
Closed on Friday

The office is closed for:

New Years Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thurs. & Fri. of Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day


We have many opportunities for you, including choirs, Bible studies and mission opportunities.

Please check out the calendar for times and dates.†
We have adult Bible studies, children`s Bible studies

One day a month we do charity sewing.

Several times†a year the Wannabee`s go to Dwight Mission for a weekend retreat where we sew, knit, crochet, paint and do scrapbooking. Whatever is your hobby!!!

If you have any questions or comments feel free to email it to us.

The First Presbyterian Church Family

Our Mission:

The First Presbyterian Church of Midwest City exists to proclaim Godís glory through word and deed.

Recognizing that we live in a changing society, we endeavor to bring people to Christ through these ministries:

†††††††† Worship

†††††††† Prayer

†††††††† Ministry to the community

†††††††† Spiritual care

†††††††† Christian education

†††††††† Mission and service opportunities



Since its beginning, First Presbyterian has been an active congregation, committed to worship, Christian education, mission and service to Christ.We have been blessed with strong leadership from members and pastors.When one enters the doors of the church on a Sunday morning, Godís spirit is alive and welcoming to all who are present.††We are ready to fellowship, study, serve, and worship, and that spirit is contagious to all who visit the congregation.

As a congregation, we believe that our ministry is to work toward fulfilling a vision of the world that is without conflict, hunger, pain or despair; a world in which everyone is able to achieve his or her God-given potential.Our primary goal is to share the good news of Jesus Christ as expressed to us through the scripture and serving the God who is at work in the world.We welcome and invite others to come and see what motivates us to participate in the ministry in which we are involved.Our ministries in the world already include engaging with Eastside Elementary School,† crafting hand-made items for those in need through Create-to-Share, and supplying non-perishable items for local food pantries.There is a prevalent understanding in the congregation that ministry happens when we open ourselves and our doors to our community Ė and it is exciting to think about where that understanding will lead this congregation.

The church was established in what was the first square mile of the city.††One of the biggest assets of Midwest City is Tinker Air Force Base, which focuses on air logistics and communication.Many folks in the greater Midwest City area came to experience this city while they were stationed here, and have ended up retiring in this area and putting down deep, permanent roots.The church is next door to an elementary school, and we have†a great relationship with these children.††

As we look at the reality of our context and the vision of the gospel we discover our call to go into the world and do to others as Christ has done for us. In increasing our ministry so we may be more faithful to God, we believe we will build relationships and partnerships that will enrich us as a congregation and in turn challenge us to understand our discipleship in new and exciting ways.Some of these early attempts to connect with our community will include expanding childrenís ministry, coordinating need response with neighborhood churches, developing a community garden, and enhancing our older adult ministry.We realize that these hopes and dreams challenge us to be responsible stewards of our time, talents and money as we engage in the holy work of fulfilling the gospel.

We realize that our vision may require resources beyond those currently available within our church.We also realize that some infrastructure and staff must be maintained in order to support efforts to achieve our vision.To meet these challenges we need to inspire stewardship among our members, encourage growth that will develop out of our ministry with the community, and solicit needed services and resources from agencies and corporations outside the faith based community.

Who knows where the next sixty years will carry this congregation?But with the wind of Godís spirit blowing, the amazing enthusiasm of this worshiping community, and the belief that our purpose is to serve God to the best of our ability in this place, there is very little that can limit where the future will take us as we minister in Godís name.


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